Body-Solid Exm 3000 Home Gym Features and Review

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The Body-Solid Exm 3000 Home Gym – What is it?

When it comes to the important matter of working out, people should be aware of how Body-Solid Exm 3000 Home Gym can help them achieve of all their fitness goals in the intended time. It is currently one of the most exclusive home gyms and being that, it is rather quite affordable than the other ones available in the market currently. Ranging between the price of $2,500 and more sometimes, the home gym offers what others fail to do so and has one of the best features at the moment.

The price of the machine is exceptionally reasonable in comparison with the other ones that cost thrice more; therefore, individuals can surely save a lot of money too. Body-Solid Exm 3000 Home Gym is a high quality machine, like those which can be found in professional gyms these days. However, with it, people can work out like pros at home and do not have to ever hit the gym.

Warranty Information

Body-Solid Exm 3000 Home Gym arrives with a lifetime warranty for welds, guide rods as well as the plates and the frames. The warranty for upholstery, grips, cables and the other components lasts for 1 year. The best part is that a 2 year warranty is offered for the hardware along with bearings, bushing and pulleys.

Features the Body-Solid Exm 3000 Home Gym

One of the most prominent advantages of purchasing the Body-Solid Exm 3000 Home Gym is the fact that the quality of manufacturing is exceptionally high. This is due to the fact that the appearance of the home gym is strong and well-maintained. The padding, solid frames, weight plates, rollers and other things such as the frame of the home gym have a solid finish. It is like the home gym has been specifically manufactured to impressive fitness enthusiasts right away.

On the other hand, the lifetime warranty being offered for guide rods, plates as well as welds is something which really cannot be acquired from any other home gym. A 1 year warranty and a 2 year warranty are also offered on other parts of the home gym, which provides the users with a massive level of convenience in the long run.

Upon buying the optional knee attachment, not two but three people can use Body-Solid Exm 3000 Home Gym for working out. However, the home gym does need some space to adjust properly in a room as it is a complete high end system which needs a good amount of space to fit properly.

The great thing is that the weight stacks provide just the right kind of resistance for upper body workouts as they weigh 210 pounds. The leg press resistance is 420 pounds, which is what makes it the perfect home gym for people who want toned and ripped bodies in the future.


The Conclusion – Is it worth buying?

Due to all the high end features and benefits Body-Solid Exm 3000 Home Gym has to offer to people, it is important to reveal that it is a must-buy for people who wish to achieve their fitness goals instantly. Its performance surely surpasses the expectations of the users and with its affordable price of $2,600 only; it is by far one of the most tremendous home gyms available for people these days. The warranty offered on different parts of the home gym is what makes it stands out from amidst all the other kinds of home gyms in the present times. With its competitive price, outstanding performance and the best fitness results so far, Body-Solid Exm 3000 Home Gym stands undisputed as one of the best workout machines out in the market currently, which means that the opportunity of purchasing it must be availed at the earliest convenience.

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