Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells – Features and Review

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Dumbbells are the must-have equipment for every workout regime and everyone who want to build their muscles consider this an essential item to have in their possession. Considering the necessity of this appliance, it was most natural that these too had to evolve with the influx of some high-tech options and become better appliances for users. The Bowflex SelectTech dumbbells are exactly that and so much more. Owning the BowFlex dumbbells is like owning thirty individual weights except that all the options ae available in the same Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells a t the same time. This option has been the defining reason why the weights have been so popular.

To begin with, it has a total of fifteen weight adjustment that vary from a mere five pounds to a whopping fifty-two and a half pounds with increments amounting to two and a half pounds, there is also a built-in dial system that comes in handy when one is changing the weights. The dial makes it much easier and quicker so that people can move on to their exercise as soon as possible. Also, each dumbbell is about fifteen point seven-five inches in length, nine inches tall and about eight inches wide, making it the ideal size for exercise. Not only that, but one can also adjust these weights according to their liking and there are thirty different variations that they can try out for a good workout session. These variations can focus on back, legs, chest, shoulder, abdomen and the arms, making them stronger and more ripped.

Additionally, the makers realize that many people find it annoying to have to bend down every time they have completed a set. Thus, to make sure that the workout regime is much simpler, they separately sell a stand so that the users can simply place their weights on the stand after completing a set. A free BowFlex DVD also comes along with the purchase so that people not only learn how to use the dumbbells but they can also learn newer exercises they can do with the weights.

The best thing about these weights is that all kinds of people can use them effectively – be it professionals or novices – and have a great time while doing so. The warranty if great and many people who have used the appliance have spoken out in its favor. One only has to look at the high rating the BowFlex dumbbells have on Amazon to realize that. People truly have shown a lot of enthusiasm for this particular Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells.


Moving on, it is time to go over the many benefits of the BowFlex dumbbells.

– The best thing about this Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells is that one can instantly change the weight load of the dumbbell with a simple twist so that one can move on to the next set within seconds. This means that there will be absolutely no interruptions in between exercises and one can easily continue without any change in mood or attitude.

– There is also an opportunity for offset weight selection which simply means that one can change weights on either side of the dumbbell allowing people to have a different set of weights on either side of the dumbbell. This is quite necessary for the supination of the forearm and the wrist.

– The dumbbells are great for both men and women and anyone can use them comfortably since there are many weighting options available that range from the ultra-light weights to the ones that are extremely heavy. So, the user can adjust them according to the levels they can handle – whether they are men or women.

– The design is durable and sleek, making the weights great t look at. They are also made of some great material that can withstand wear and tear – something that is sure to hit workout equipment hard.

– It is space-efficient and can be stored up in any small space and locked away when not in use.

– Lastly, the two year warranty ensures that the one can get their money back if they feel dissatisfied.


– There are not many negatives to report since the dumbbells are an overall winner but one can say that they are a bit too expensive and the high price may put off a few customers who will not be able to afford the investment.


While the price is a bit of a put off, it is totally worth the effectively engineered dumbbells that the user will get in exchange for the heavy dollars spent. The dumbbells are the perfect workout equipment to investment as they can be used by the entire family with its many weight variations. Not only that, but even younger people can try it out with the ultra-light weights on. Thus, there really is nothing wanting in the weights and the team writing the review highly recommends it to every reader out there.


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