Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM3 or PM4 Review (youtube video)

Check out the honest review of Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM3 or Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine PM4.

Concept2’ rowing machines accomplishments start from 1981 with their first indoor rower, the ‘Model A’ and the company has now exceeded customer expectations through their new, fully equipped offering for indoor rowers. With the launch of the ‘Model D’, Concept2 have once again proven that no one can understand their clients as well as they can. The newest design has gained accolades and has ensured that Concept2’s dominance over the indoor rowing market continues. Moreover, the company has also made sure that their buyers can easily afford the appliance by keeping the prices low.

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM3 or PM4 Review (youtube video) 3

The Performance Monitor

Concept2 Model D’s computer monitor, which keeps track of the user’s performance, is one of its outstanding features. It comes equipped with the PM3 and records all the necessary information that users need to know in order to properly gauge their progress. Distance, speed, the number of burnt calories and watts are amongst a few of the measurements allowed. Nevertheless, these are the typical features that one anticipates from all good exercise machines. The PM3, conversely, includes many other features that are entirely original and amazingly useful. You can also purchase the PM4 as an updated version.

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Users are able to do a lot of things with the PM3 technology. They can conserve their favourite performance, try to beat their best scores or paces and enables them to conduct a rowing race with an animated rower. One is also able to learn precise rowing skills, access previous records, choose a language of their choice and if they are bored, they can play games like ‘Fish’ or ‘Biathlon’ that come stored in the computer. Customers can also access the motivational online gears free-of-cost. The customer can take up different rowing challenges to perfectly execute their rowing motions, make friends on the largest online forum for indoor rowing and training and can also save previous records.

Battery outages are amongst the customers’ regular worries when it comes to appliances or equipment of any kind whatsoever. To tackle that problem, the designers have given their clients two possibilities. They can either charge the rowing computer through their AC adapter (that comes with the package) or through two Dell battery cells. The best thing, however, is that when the computer is being operated through the dell batteries, then it will also draw power from the users’ rowing motions and use the energy to charge itself.


Exemplary Rowing Motion

The Model D has one of the world’s best rowing motions. The user is allowed to have complete control of the resistance and force of their motion during their exercise because of the ability to bend the machine’s airflow in accordance with the flywheel using the spiral damper. The flywheel is state of the art technology in itself. It operates without unnecessary racket and is still able to replicate the feel of a life-like rowing motion that is fluid and sleek. However, this is not the Model D’s only triumph.

The Comfort Level

The Model D rowing machine has been touted as amongst the most comfortable rowing equipment in the world. The seat itself gives a proclamation of ease of the highest levels. It is able to support a weight of five hundred pounds allowing the heaviest of people to exercise on the machine. Its 14 inch height permits the user to keep a low profile and is easily adjustable on the aluminum monorail and slithers along smoothly.

The handle also testifies to the machine’s comfortable design as it promises to leave behind no strains on the hands, forearms and wrists of the person exercising. This ensures that the users continue their exercises everyday with renewed freshness. The handle allows a 10 degree bend so that users can properly imitate the exact motions of a professional rower and gain adequate practice of the sport they love so much. The footrest provides special relaxation to the foot pads, making sure that each and every foot size can be placed on the machine.


Warranty of the Model D

The Model D’s warranty challenges any doubts anyone may have over the machine’s long and reliable life. It is supported by a 5 year time span, along with 2 years of parts warranty.


Model D’s Storage

The Model D comes with an easy, speed-release frame-lock design that allows the machine to be broken down into parts so that the user can easily store it away when it is not needed. It can be separated in to two smaller parts. Along with that, the caster wheels located on the front of the rower allows the machine to be placed anywhere the owner wants it; in the cupboard or beside the wall, for example.


Common questions and answers


Customers’ Evaluations

Customers have been unusually happy with the Model D and its performance. It has a 4.9 rating out of a total of 5 (based on two hundred and fifty reviews) which few other equipment – any kind of machine in whichever industry – can proclaim or boast about. Concept2 has had a phenomenal reaction from their clientele about their latest offering. Many of them have praised the rower’s durability and its tendency to resist wear and tear over time while still maintaining its smooth rotations. Users have also gone on to say that they love the computer monitor, the motivational triggers and the online connectivity that the PM3 offers.

Clients have especially appreciated the company’s million meter club motivation. Row for a million meters and join the club (also, get a free t-shirt).

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM3 or PM4 Review (youtube video) 2

Concept 2 Model D Rowing Machine 3 years follow-up review


Complaints and Other Information

There have been very few complaints about the Model D by the users. The only problem that the users have reported is that one needs to buy additional equipment, like the heart rate monitor, separately from the basic package.

The Model D, apart from this minor glitch, has proven to be amongst the world’s best rowing machines. It is used by professional rowers everywhere and can be readily found in the world’s best gyms and sports training centers.


Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine ratings (Top 1 in rowers!)

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM3 or PM4 Review (youtube video)

This is one machine that just cannot be missed.


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