Schwinn 250 Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviews (how to use video)

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Schwinn 250 Recumbent Exercise Bike is the latest exercise bike that came on the marker under the Schwinn brand. Largely is based on its predecessor Schwinn 240 recumbent exercise bike featuring much of what could be seen with the Schwinn A20, which has also derived from some of the highly popular and top selling models. However, there are some differences, like the inclusion of iPoD/MP3 player jack as well as some other programs.

Schwinn 250 Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviews

The assembly process is pretty easy and straightforward mainly because of its detailed and to the point instruction manual. The fact that it got plenty of pictures is also very helpful.

But, even the assembly process is pretty easy it can be time consuming. That is if one does not call someone to give a hand to completely assemble it.



Schwinn 250recumbent exercise bike has a great number of workout programs, very significant considering its retail price tag. Its 17 programs are more than enough to make things fun while sweating. It also features 3 heart rate controlled, a quick start, a distance goal, 2 custom, a fitness test and 8 profiles.


Results Mode Program

The most important feature is that it comes with 3 polar heart programs. But, in fact it’s more like one program that has 3 levels. Nevertheless, its heart rate program is so awesome that this can be easily overlooked. Well, at least this time.



The Schwinn comes with 16 resistance levels form which one could choose. That way, anyone can find a suitable level. Having so many levels also means that even the ones in top shape can test and challenge their own endurance.



Having in mind that this is a recumbent exercise bike it provides much better comfort compared to the upright, traditional bikes. And yes, recumbent exercise bikes are especially beneficiary to people who don’t want to put too much pressure on their joints or to people that simply seek for a better comfort during their workout.

Schwinn’s seat is oversized, contoured, padded and features lumbar support so one can position oneself as comfortable as possible. Also, the seat comes with 10 levels which can be theadjusted to size; regardless of your leg length, weight or height.

The 2 speed fan that is included with the Schwinn 250 is nothing more but a novelty, considering that it’s not too reliable and often doesn’t work. The water bottle holder is a useful addition, allowing the user to refresh while not interrupting the workout. In addition to that is the pedaling motion which is pretty smooth and adds up well to the overall workout experience. This can be really useful for someone that likes to listen to music or watch TV during the workout.


Computer Console

Schwinn’s computer console is intentionally oversized which makes it pretty easy for reading. During the workout the computer console provides complete feedback on almost all of the information that one might want to know. Information that can be read from the computer console are watts, RPM, sped, distance, resistance level, number of calories burned, time and interval time. By simply pacing the hands on the hand grips which can be found on the console’s side the computer console can provide information about the heart rate. Surprisingly, but the readings are pretty exact. Surprisingly, only because such accurate measuring equipment comes as part of exercise equipment which comes with a price tag lower than $1.000.



This model has a one year electrical and mechanical warranty, five year warranty on the frame and three months warranty on the wear parts.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that there is roughly around 100 user review attached to the Schwinn 250 name, averaging rating of 4.1 out of 5.0. That’s something that says a lot about its overall quality as well as high reputation among its users.

According to those same users this bike’s strongest points are at his comfort, its many technological features and its almost noiseless working mode. The only two things that some of the users disliked about the Schwinn 250 are the fan and the speakers.


Schwinn 250 Recumbent Exercise Bike user current reviews and ratings

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Any Complaints?

Schwinn 250 comes with a fan that does not operate as intended. The main reason for that is because isn’t powerful enough which makes it one of the most unpopular features that this model has.

The speakers are also not among the most popular features that this exercise bike has. The simple truth is that the quality of the sound that they produce is pretty poor. Finally, there aren’t as any heart rate programs as advertised.


How to Use the recumbent exercise bike video tutorial



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