Total Gym XLS Trainer Reviews (Exercise and fitness, Workout Video, Price, Tips)

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Total Gym XLS Trainer is an all-purpose equipment that gives an intention of achieving and combining the phenomenal benefits of a complete in-house gym into a multipurpose high-end single machine and lets fitness junkies “tone, Herculean and sculpt” their bodies covering all the important muscle groups in a well-knit manner. The Total Gym XLS Trainer has varied number of atypical features which make exercising easier and fun and itself as a popular product in the body-building market.

Total Gym XLS Trainer Reviews (Exercise and fitness, Video, Price)

Total Gym XLS Trainer Prominent Features
– The ever easy folding frame, which helps greatly in space optimization.

– It offers a wide range of exercises, reaching a number close to 80.

– The resistance system is purely gravity based.

– Weight capacity is 400lb which is quite an impressive number for a product of this sort.

– This multi-functional exerciser holds additional advantage of upgrades, making it more popular amidst its users.

– This space-non hogging fitness machine along with its additional upgrades and tools is a must have, highly recommended by its users for buyers, all over the globe. The Total Gym XLS Trainer has a single glide board and quite a number of handy attachments making it top-of-the-list equipment. Upgrades of the machine includes a new pulley and cable system, an ameliorate squat stand, and much more comfortable padding present on the glide board.

– The wonderful device also comes with several accessories that add a perfectly new dimension to exercisers workout: a Pilates kit that refines the exercisers range of motion and balance, quads, hamstrings, and other muscles are supported by a leg pull accessory; flexible handles with nylon strap; and a wing attachment for toning various back and arm muscles. All of them combined the accessories and the glide board support up to 400 pounds, letting users with a varied variety of body builds, work on their strength and stability.

– The biggest strength of this miraculous gym trainer is that it uses the real weight, that is, the body weight of the exerciser instead of the bands (also known as the resistance rods), in the sense that it makes the exercisers lift just the apt percentage of their body weight against gravity, thus creating a mellow and fluid resistance. This also enhances the feel and makes the exercises a lot more fun than the conventional methods of exercising. As and when the exerciser’s strength and conditioning gradually improve, the incline can be boosted thus increasing the total resistance.

– This adjustable configuration, as described above, also enables the exerciser to do such exercises that he or she would usually not do – including pull ups and handstand pushups.


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The Negatives
– The Total Gym XLS Trainer has a few cons, one of the primary issues being its sturdiness. This problem has been highlighted by many of its users. A comparatively less severe issue is the noise produced by this machine during functioning. Other minor defects include the difficulty in altering the resistance of the machine and thus make it convenient for different functions and the efficiency all of 80 exercises.

– Considering that the total gym XLS trainer is not a complete gym, often the users feel the need to purchase other add-ons – example: a set of dumbbells for use with the machine. This happens because the total gym bench press and chest fly exercise are a bit cumbersome since the pulley position is not the best suited for such exercises. It is very important to properly isolate the muscles that the user is trying to focus on, and that’s where the dumbbells have an edge.

– The general consensus is that the Total Gym XLS trainer is an excellent product, barring the minor limitations that have little to no impact on its performance. Whether the product is well worth the money, is an ongoing debate because of the cost and the extra accessories it comes with. Although the accessories are quite value for money, they don’t really suit anyone and everyone. The total gym XLS trainer also has a lot of interesting bonuses and other functions targeted to ensure that the users are fully entertained while inspired to try new things and getting fitter day by day.


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Overall, The Total Gym XLS Trainer may disappoint with its resistance and the noise coupled with low sturdiness – but with the wide range of exercises it offers along with the immense comfort and splendid versatility – it is well set to prove itself as a great alternative to larger home gyms having multiple machines. Another plus with this product is that it can be bought online through online vendors like Amazon etc. where it has been put up for sale.

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