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The following article is the official review for Weider Ultimate Body Works – the exercise machine for one and all.


The Weider workout machine is specifically for first timers and people who have just entered into the world of exercise. The managing system is not complicated at all and the main purpose of the machine is to make sure that exercise entrants find it easy to foray into this world. The machine has some great features and specifications and is perfect for someone who is willing to begin working out but not willing to go out for it or to spend too much money on buying any equipment. The machine is an al-round workout regime in itself and it is extremely cost-effective.

Weighing seventy lbs., the dimensions of the machine is seventy-one inches in length, twenty-five and a half inches in width and is forty-nine and a half inches in height. The steel frame is reliable light duty and requires some assembly upon delivery. However, that would not be too complicated to accomplish. The machine is able to carry two hundred and fifty lbs. of weight. The machine comes with a ninety day warranty.

With the latest slide away technology that is installed in the machine, one is able to completely flatten out the machine so that storing it away is as easy as setting it up in the first place. The all-new power bands allow an additional fifty lbs. of weight or power, apart from the body’s weight, to be tolerated or resisted. In order to cater for people who have longer arms or people who want better strength and increased flexibility, there is the pivoting pulley system in place that allows an all-around, three hundred and sixty degrees swivel. There are also seven different height adjustments so that people can adjust the machine according to their preference. Lastly, there is an additional guide that comes with the package and this includes one hundred different exercises for all parts of the body that can be done using the Weider workout machine.


Moving on, the benefits of the workout machine need to be listed down.

– The biggest advantage of the Weider workout item is the fact that it is highly cost-effective. At just one hundred and forty dollars ($140) on Amazon without taxes and shipping. As many experts would verify, this is a lot cheaper than what a buyer would normally have to pay.

– The machine covers the entire body and one is able to do a number of different exercises like the shoulder press, pull-over, bench-press, squats, rows, leg curls and sit-ups. The sheer variety of exercises and workout regimes possible using this tool is astounding and this single machine can completely change the exerciser’s body.

– The workouts being carried out through these machines can act as low-impact cardio workout regimes too and thus, they can be deemed healthy for the heart and great to refresh one’s body and mind alike.

– The machine is probably exactly what the experts would suggest to people who have just started working out. It is the perfect newbie workout machine since it is simple to use. It is safer than buying free weights and much more practical than a one-dimensional treadmill or simple dumbbells.

– The ninety day warranty ensures that people who are dissatisfied with the quality of the machine or what it has to offer, they can simply return it and get their money back.


– The manufacturer does not specifically state the resistance offered by the product and thus, one is not able to know for sure the kind of fight the machine will out the user through. This specification should really have been mentioned because a lot of buyers check this out before they order something or are willing to pay money for it.

– Another drawback might be that the price may put some people off since they might believe that the low price reflects low quality. While that is definitely not the case, a lot of people may end up believing that.

– Lastly, the fact that the machine has been designed for newbies is sure to put a lot of professionals off since they would be looking for something that has better professional options.


Conclusively, it can be stated that even though a Weider exercise item may have its flaws, the advantages completely trump the disadvantages and thus, the machine is highly recommended to people who want to try a proper workout for the very first time or are looking to go professional after a bit of initial training. As for the professionals, they can go for this Weider offering for a bit of light workout – when they feel too tired to go for the heavy duty professional stuff.

Thus, the Weider Ultimate Body Work is a winner for the writers of his review and they would like to ask all newbies looking for good workout machines to go for this one.


Weider Ultimate Body Works official website.


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